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22mg.net WEB DESIGN (please do not use my design without my permission!!!)

Here is some web design previews for my upcoming portfolio. It will hopefully include an oekaki and a paintchat for all to use. :)

The sidebar here should be able to be docked to the left, to give a better view of the image. also, the ‘links’ and ‘about’ pages will be a pop-up overlay, possibly, so it should be super sleek and nice looking. 

i’ll be linking back to a number of blogs and artists I like and periodically making banners for them so that I can show them on my page, if you would like to use the banners I make for them or if you are the people who I make banners for, please email me (at crowelygoes@gmail.com) and I’ll be happy to send them to you… so far I only have ones for Goatpox and Thunderpaw done! :) if you have been and wish not to be featured on my web space please send me an email when it goes live and I will remove you as per your request.

I will also have a guestbook where past commissioners will be able to leave reviews so that future commissioners/companies can see how well I work with others and have on-hand references at any time necessary. If you have done work with me in the past, please consider taking some time to write me up a review when the website is live, it will be VERY appreciated!!!

I’ll keep you guys posted, once my portfolio is up I will flesh out the design for my web comic pages and we’ll be able to hit the ground running with LOBS. I will be updating you all with concept art on that shortly.

to my current commissioners, please know that I am working as fast as I can and not doing only personal projects, I will have your pieces done as soon as possible :) thank you in advance for your never-ending support and patience, it means absolutely everything to me and I only hope that these plans for websites etc that I have will help you all in enjoying my art with ease and accessibility!

any feedback is absolutely appreciated!! thank you for taking the time to help me out! :)

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  2. chocolatechilipepper said: Is the website going to rely on flash? Is that text going to be able to be copied? Might want to at least have the email be in plain text somehow, so people can copy/paste it into a mail to contact you.
  3. shrimpfur said: oekaki yes please omg, I haven’t drawn on an oekaki in years ahhhh
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